Version 1

I Am Job i am 14 i am autustuic i am i go to Capital city School i live in Topeka kansas i was Born in Bolivia and Japan i Was raised as an American i am Intitled to become a contribator if i Contribate everything i say about myself and i I Am a Good Kid And a great kid And a Nice Friend a good well known famous Guy ON I Am Rob's Best friend i am as well Nabs and Nats Frianat's Friend and i am Sheb's friend vicky's friend chuck's friend boudecca friend Aquilonia's best friend Apocalyptics Friend too i am everyone's friend i got real life friends too this is for u Rob P.S PEACE Out brother

Version 2

I am Job i am 14 i am autustic i Go to Capital City School i live in Topeka Kansas and i Eat pizza MY Favorite Pizza is Cheese and Pepperoni and I love American Food i Eat Junk food all the time but i am handsome i am A Nice Ordinary and Generous Cleaver Guy who Just Is nice to women and i Care about them and i care about the weak People i Care who is hurt i Try to help them out this is my contribation

Photo taken August, 2012.

This page was published on December 23, 2011 which was Job's 14th birthday and last revised on June 22, 2014.
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