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Y NAME IS MELANIE-ANNE (Mel) and I’m a student majoring in chemistry. I live with my parents on the south coast of England in East Sussex. I have played DAOC since I was about twelve years old, at first on the European GoA servers but since 2008 on Gaheris.

Because of the time difference I often find I’m in game in the morning here when most of the US is still in bed, so I have to do a lot of soloing. I prefer PvE to RvR so have no toons on Ywain. My speciality is discovering new and quirky things about the game — such as unknown trophy mobs like Howl. My goal is to kill every trophy mob in the game and display their trophies, which is one reason I have five adjacent houses. I recently took over one of Sheb’s accounts. His toons are mostly cool, but in dire need of a fashion update.

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